Welcome to the Online Portfolio of Monika Lea Gubernatis!


Monika Lea Gubernatis, a San Francisco based artist, creates compositions featuring animals and celestial objects are rendered using the bright colors of paint, photography and other digital means. Inspired by both her current urban environment and nature, she seeks to bridge these worlds by creating fantastical dreamlike images that illuminate the modern landscape. Along with creating custom art and photography for individual clients, she has collaborated with other artists, youth and community groups to produce murals, exhibitions and fashion shows in the Bay Area.

Monika attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, majoring in Art History with a Religion and Visual Culture focus. After completing a six month study abroad program in India, where she studied language and art history, she then found herself in back in California exploring geology and scientific illustration.

A graduate of San Francisco State University, she studied curation and exhibition design through the Museum Studies Graduate Program. By taking her creativity to the public realm, she hopes to share her vision and build interactive installations that inspire engaging participation. Currently she works as an Exhibit Developer at the Children’s Creativity Museum.

Monika’s work is available for sale and by commission.

Please contact at: monikagubernatis@gmail.com